The Little Things

imageThe Little Things is a two-year film project based on environmentally conscious snowboarders who are inspirational through their riding, as well as their sustainable ways of living and thinking. This is a collective project in which all the riders and filmmakers are deeply involved in the creative process, bringing to life the importance of living in balance with and protecting our environment.

Teton Gravity Research has recently provided my segment in full on their blog.


The goal isn’t just to bring snowboarding one step ahead, but also to inspire behaviour changes that secure the same lifestyle and quality of life that we have, for future generations.


(We can use our legs instead of snowmobiles) The role I intend to take on in this film is to speak about the very ancient and localized Haida and Kwakwaka’wakw cultures, and how these ways of seeing the world, for me, have crossed over into the modern and global culture of action sports. With a focus on basketry, Ravenstail, and Chilkat weaving, wild food harvesting and preserving, and of course snowboarding. More than just the act of snowboarding, I want to share ways of relating to the natural world, to ones own body, and in turn to snowboarding. As revealed by undertaking an indigenous art form.





Featuring Jeremy Jones, Marie-France Roy, Nicolas Muller, Gretchen Bleiler, Meghann O’Brien, Tamo Campos, and Jonaven Moore.

Check out the teaser on the Transworld Snowboarding site.

And visit the blog for further info:

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