Western Canada Fashion Week

  On Sept 12-16th, 2017 I had an unexpected opportunity to explore weaving in a completely different context as a part of Western Canada Fashion Week in Edmonton, Alberta. Amy Malbeuf and Becca Taylor of  Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective received funding to bring three indigenous artists whose work involves the body.  As an organization run by […]

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Italy / Germany / Prague

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to travel and share my perspectives across the world these past few years. After snowboarding, I didn’t really have a huge desire to travel anymore and wanted a more localized lifestyle. But the chance to travel and get to voice my perspectives and concerns regarding my culture and weaving […]

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Sky Blanket

The design concept for Sky Blanket was based on the work with mountain goat wool; on the experience it gifted of time. I did my best to use the techniques I’ve learned so far from my three main teachers, Kerri Dick, Sherri Lightbown, and William White, in these two styles to encompass this experience. Andy Everson and Jay Simeon contributed […]

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A few years ago back in ‘Yalis (Alert Bay), I met two Swiss ladies from Zurich’s North American Native Museum: Denise Danzier and Runa Loeb. Over the years we stayed in touch, and eventually our desire to collaborate resulted in a residency at their partner institution, The Museum Reitberg. It houses a collection of art from global cultures, yet has […]

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What do snowboarding and Northwest Coast Art Both have in common? …Meghann O’Brien

Originally posted on Northwest Coast Art:
Meghann O’Brien in her photoshot for underexposed TV photo courtesy of: underexposed.tv I first met former Olympic snowboarder Meghann O’Brien, when founder and president of Scriba Art Society, Dr. Martine Reid brought her by the gallery. She was quiet, reserved, intelligent and had a beautiful energy about her. Two…

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