What do snowboarding and Northwest Coast Art Both have in common? …Meghann O’Brien

Thank you to Christopher Todd at Douglas Reynolds Gallery for this kind write up, and thank you to Martine Reid for our introduction.

Northwest Coast Art

Meghann O'Brien  - underexposed TV Photo-shoot - photo courtesy of: underexposed.tv Meghann O’Brien in her photoshot for underexposed TV

photo courtesy of: underexposed.tv

I first met former Olympic snowboarder Meghann O’Brien, when founder and president of Scriba Art Society, Dr. Martine Reid brought her by the gallery. She was quiet, reserved, intelligent and had a beautiful energy about her. Two things struck me most about Meghann, the quality of, and the connection to, the work that she produces.

As someone who has seen a lot of art work in his profession, I can appreciate when I see something exceptional, especially in a contemporary context. While I have seen a lot of very old finely hand-woven spruce root baskets, I have never seen a contemporary basket so finely hand-woven, as the one pictured below:

Yellow Cedar root basket by Meghann O'brien Yellow Cedar root basket by Meghann O’brien

As a general rule, what I have seen in cedar is a much coarser style of weave, while Spruce root is typically very…

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