Awards & Updates

During the 2012-13, Marie France Roy and director Darcy Turrene spent their winter months filming and producing The Little Things, an environmental snowboard film. My segment was recently featured on Teton Gravity Research’s webpage, and is available for viewing here. The film participated in and won the Coldsmoke Winter Film Festival award in Colorado, which showcases a diverse collection of art and imagery focusing on film.

“Marie-France Roy, and Darcy Turenne call attention to perhaps the single most important issue of our time as a culture dependent on snow and winter to perpetuate our lifestyle and communities.  Their story is told in a way anyone should be able to find relevant to their daily life, and inspire change, even if it’s a small change.  After all, its the little things that lead to bigger things, and it is our hope this little film gets the recognition it deserves.” The Coldsmoke Awards

Film maker and creative genius Darcy Turrene hard a work.
Film maker and creative genius Darcy Turrene hard a work.

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