The Museum of Anthropology

My time as an artist in residence at the Museum of Anthropology coincides with the exhibit “Kesu’: The Art and Life of Doug Cranmer,” which is a celebration of the renowned Kwakwaka’wakw artist who was from my hometown of Alert Bay. As the style of this weaving is a northern style, which came into Kwakwaka’wakw territory through marriage, the number of people who are able to weave it and wear it is limited. It is my aim to raise awareness and understanding of this art form as a living and vital one, to honor the work my ancestors performed, give relevance to the art form today, and move it forward within our own art and culture. My intent is that this project will contribute to the re-solidification of weaving for my home community.

This short video came out recently from the Musuem of Anthropolgoy at UBC in Vancouver, British Columbia. It was recorded during my stay as an artist in residence.  The interviewer did a great job at having me condense my story into a few minutes!

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